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Bettina has successfully designed and taught courses in Executive Presence and Communicating

Bettina has successfully designed and taught courses in Executive Presence, Making A Winning Sales Pitch and Communicating with Impact.


• Improve oral presentations and briefings

• Take Command and Control of an audience or a meeting

• Make clear,  persuasive Premium Sales presentations

• Present your message with greater confidence.

• Refine and rehearse effective communication techniques.

• Define your core message and get it across

•  Alleviate nerves and performance anxiety

• Effective use of visual aids - PowerPoint

• Optimize posture, eye contact, body language, movement and vocal tone to maximize personal impact.

Clients include:

Allianz Insurance, Booz Allen Hamilton,
Duke Corporate Education, International Monetary Fund,
National Basketball Association, Palace Sports and Entertainment (Detroit Pistons),
Federal Agencies including Department of Defense and US Air Force


You told me if I practiced Executive Presence, I’d get promoted. Well I did and I have. You deserve a share of the credit. I’ll never forget your great coaching. The confidence you gave me is really working to my benefit!

 –Harold Q., Defense Contractor Executive




You taught me so much.

After two years I continue to hold my head high based on your coaching!  It has totally changed how others view me and how I view myself. Thank you!

–Lisa L., Defense Contractor Executive




Thanks very much for a great course.
I learned a great deal about myself and how even subtle movements or statements can have a big impact on the way others perceive me. I’m practicing Executive Presence every day.

 –Edward H., Defense Contractor Executive




This training was extremely beneficial. I have already used many of the techniques you taught me at several meetings during the past week with colleagues and clients. The positive results have been amazing!

–Steve S., Government Executive


Bettina Gregory

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